Address management at its best

More efficiency for Salesforce users

As different as the clubs in the Bundesliga are, companies approach the topic of address management as differently: while some treat their data on an amateur level, other companies have already advanced to the top league.

Club problems affect both individual players and the entire team and are often linked to fatal coach decisions.

Problemfelder auf dem Spielfeld

Data quality

Address management

Customer information

Professional game strategy

Spielentscheidend ist demnach ein professioneller Umgang mit Daten unter Einbezug von technischem Know-How – insbesondere, wenn eine CRM-Software im Einsatz ist. Wenn Sie beispielsweise Salesforce-CRM nutzen, profitieren Sie bereits von effizienten Vertriebsprozessen. Diese lassen sich optimieren, um in die Königsklasse aufzusteigen. Wie? Indem Sie Ihr Adress- und Leadmanagement professionell gestalten.

Users save time by effortlessly identifying new leads & accounts and creating new addresses within seconds and without errors.

All departments have access to a correct and complete database at all times, so that the quality standard is the same for all database users.

No system break, no training: The app is used in the familiar Salesforce environment and is highly adaptable: Data objects can be flexibly assigned to the fields.

Valuable additional information enables you to address specific target groups (e.g. telephone number) and to implement purchasing and sales conditions and compliance guidelines more efficiently.

Address management at the highest level

Use the entire playing field for your address management in a tactically sophisticated way. the 360° solution is the all-round carefree package for your data - fast, simple and efficient. with just a few clicks you get access and can work directly with the solution. the app is modularly structured so that you decide which service modules will lead you to victory.

Integration solution

Permanently secure the achieved quality standard of your customer database - online in your address management system.


With the mobile sales solution you have access to all sales-relevant data - easily and everywhere.

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