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Safely through the entire year

In spring, people prepare their gardens for the warm season. You prune your fruit trees, prepare your flower bed and sow vegetables. You should do the same with your B2B database at the beginning of the year. Inspect it, track down inconsistencies and eliminate them. Without recurring Check-Ups errors occur in your address database, reducing the reliability of your data sources.

You will find professional support at beDirect: We take a close look at your B2B database and ensure that the data is always reliable. Because this serves as a reliable source for decision-making: the addresses must be up-to-date and contain correct information. Otherwise, your business decisions and all your marketing and sales efforts will be based on incorrect addresses with serious consequences: Existing customers will migrate to the competition, your New customer acquisition ...is not going in the right direction.

Cleaning up your B2B database

In comparison with the beDirect database the addresses are identified, precisely checked and existing errors are corrected: If desired, the addresses can be enriched with further information: With the inclusion of so-called firmographics (such as industry, number of employees and turnover) you learn more about your clientele and can use this knowledge profitably in sales and marketing campaigns. This step provides you with a cleansed B2B database.

Workflow representation for the cleansing of a B2B database. Starting with the B2B customer database via the identification in the beDirect reference database, to the cleansing and subsequent enrichment with individual additional characteristics such as industry, company size or decision-maker data. Finally, overlap-free B2B new potentials can stimulate the acquisition of new customers.
Step-by-step presentation of a master data management project.

However, the perfect condition is not permanent. With each new day, the B2B database loses its topicality and correctness. Two reasons are decisive for this:

  • In your inventory data: Company moves, name changes, director changes and insolvencies are also reflected in your B2B database. These changes require continuous and consistent data maintenance, which can be counteracted with our modular service module called Updating.
  • With your new customers: Misspellings, incorrect information, duplicates, etc. occur when creating new customer addresses in your B2B database. For this reason, we recommend optimising the entry as a further module.

Optimization of data entry for new installations

Data entry optimization is also referred to as the First-Time-Right Principle designated. This means: Whenever you enter address data, you can easily and quickly access the beDirect data with 18 million business addresses. For selection support, you receive a hit list of matching companies. The beDirect search process is error-tolerant and can therefore deliver a correct hit even if there are spelling mistakes, for example. Optionally, you can select your own specific firmographies and import them into your B2B database without any further manual input. You are on the safe side with data updating and data entry optimisation. Both are handled automatically. You can add the icing on the cake to your B2B database with the clearing module. Clearing is the person-based research of new address entries and justified address changes.


With the system-integrated complete solution you are optimally equipped. Every customer address in your B2B database is monitored at all times. You maintain the quality standard of your customer database. Permanently!

At a glance: Performance features of the system-integrated complete solution

Stay consistently competitive with beDirect's 360° solution!

Address maintenance

Smart address maintenance

In the webinar you will learn more about the system-integrated complete solution. In a live demo, we present the 360° solution and its possibilities.


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Author Thomas Fedder

key account manager

Core competencies in his projects are: 

  • Realizing solutions,
  • Services for the successful use of B2B address information in sales and marketing campaigns,
  • Project implementation for contemporary Address Management- and integration solutions in CRM/ERPSystems. 

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