Webinar: B2B Marketing Intelligence

Apteco Webinar with beDirect

As data partner of Apteco we support on November 3rd the Apteco webinar The perfect customer in B2B: How to identify look-alikes and increase your campaign success. 

The webinar focuses on the combination of customer data and external data as well as the use of analytics for more sales with less effort in acquiring new customers.

Analytics meets external data

Your customer database is the ideal place to generate targeted information for potential customers and prospects. The analysis of inventory data in combination with external data allows you to determine individual profiles of your existing customers. In these customer profiles, common characteristics are compiled, which allow for a careful segmentation of target groups.

Look-a-likes for more campaign success

If you know the profiles of your existing customers, then you also know your customers of tomorrow! With this knowledge you are able to identify persons and companies from the total potential in Germany and to integrate them specifically into your marketing and sales activities. Thanks to smart analyses and the intelligent use of external data, the customer approach is personalized, which will significantly increase the success of your next campaign.

More turnover with less effort

Using Apteco's analysis technology and beDirect's data know-how, we will show you on November 3rd in the Apteco webinar how to quickly and easily identify top potentials and make marketing intelligence the basis for your next campaigns. Be there and see for yourself! The participation is free of charge.

Independently and at any time call up the required information about customers, business partners or interested parties.

5 million German company addresses and 50 million B2B addresses worldwide for your new customer acquisition.

Find your desired target group from 5 million B2B addresses with more than 300 characteristics.

Table of contents

More campaign success with external data and analytics

In search of the perfect customer? Find out how you can determine your top potential by analysing your existing customers and transferring this to the overall potential in Germany.