Data exploration: Increase your campaign success with external data and analytics

Free webinar for B2B e-commerce

Are you looking for the perfect customer? Through the Data exploration of existing customers and the transfer of the data to the Total potential in Germany can be Top Potentials investigate.

At Webinar from Apteco in cooperation with beDirect it's all about B2B Marketing Intelligence. We will show you how, by combining your customer data with external data and using analytics, you can more turnover with less effort generate.

Your moderator

André Schmidt

You learn.

  • How the German market is composed in the B2B segment.
  • How to analyse your existing customers smart.
  • How to determine a profile of your existing customers with just a few clicks and using external data.
  • How you then apply this profile to the overall potential in Germany to identify look-a-likes.
  • Outlook on resulting campaign automation.

Apteco is an owner-operated software developer specializing in marketing data analytics and multi-channel campaign management solutions. The Apteco Marketing Suite promotes the "Insight to Action" approach by enabling companies to,

Transform previously isolated transactional data into personalized and relevant content and timing communications - across both digital and traditional channels. Originally founded in 1987, Apteco continues to invest in the next generation of the Apteco Marketing Suite. Apteco is based in Warwick, UK, with offices in Frankfurt, Rotterdam and Sydney.
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