B2B Trends 2023: What is important for sales and marketing?

What B2B trends for sales and marketing can companies expect in the current year 2023? Where will opportunities and possibilities arise and where are new challenges ahead?

We have summarised some B2B trends that we at beDirect consider important for you in this article. This overview enables you to compare your activities with the B2B trends and to weigh up which measures are relevant and economical for your target group.

1. building valuable relationships via social media

Social media marketing has also gained considerable importance in the B2B segment in recent years. Many companies will pay more attention to improving and maintaining their own community and include their workforce in the measures in the form of employee advocacy. This means that employees become brand ambassadors and disseminate selected information on behalf of the employer in their own networks. The quality of the content is also playing an increasingly important role: storytelling, seasonal or personalised content are the appropriate tools for this.

This not only opens up new sales channels, but also strengthens customer loyalty to one's own company. After all, purchasing decisions are increasingly influenced and even triggered by social media. The potential of social media in a world that is becoming more and more open and convenient cannot be denied. Therefore, a suitable and target-oriented social media marketing strategy must be defined in order to address and win over interested parties on the various platforms. 2023 sets new standards in this respect - strengthening the community, building real relationships instead of generic posts form the basis for customer-centric exchange.

2. online marketing to generate leads and increase brand awareness.

Despite the threat of recession, many B2B companies are starting the new year on an extremely positive note. According to a survey of B2B companies by eMinded, very few companies are planning to reduce their online marketing budgets. On the contrary, it shows that more and more companies want to invest more in digital marketing measures, as this is where the greatest successes can be achieved. The top goals in online marketing in 2023 remain the acquisition of leads and an increase in brand awareness.

Above all, potential leads can be generated and increased interest and attention can be aroused through multi-value and target group-oriented content. By embedding call-to-actions (CTAs) in blog posts, interaction between the interested party and the company can be achieved. CTAs can be white papers, the booking of a consultation or the download of further information. The main goal is to motivate the customer to take a certain action by means of a CTA.

Social media campaigns can also be helpful to reach the desired target group across all platforms, to win them over and to promote your company or service widely online. Here, a well-placed CTA also plays an important role in achieving interaction and generating leads.

3. personalisation through marketing automation

While marketing automation has already been in focus for several years, marketing trends in 2023 are turning to even greater personalisation. By automating online marketing measures, work processes can run more efficiently. Employees in marketing and sales departments are effectively supported and relieved. In addition, sources of error are minimised and customer acquisition and care are optimised.

B2B trends in sales and marketing for 2023 clearly show that companies will focus much more on their counterparts. In B2B sales, this means above all a clear focus on high-quality target data and thus targeted approaches. The personalisation mentioned above is used here by using existing data about the contact to provide individually suitable content. Examples of this are, for example, a personalised salutation, industry and interest-specific content as well as customised service recommendations in emails and on the website.

4. economic necessities cause a turnaround in channel marketing

Channel marketing has been one of the drivers of success in many industries for a long time. The goal is to address and reach the desired target group. This can be implemented online or offline, for example via social media, blog posts, posters or the online shop. However, the economic challenges of recent years have led many industries to turn away from this marketing strategy. This is not necessarily a permanent departure from channel marketing, but rather a prioritisation.

Many companies will change, expand and reposition their channel marketing functions over the next year or even the next few years. This is partly because the focus is shifting much more towards customer satisfaction. Especially the post-sale segment, i.e. the service after the purchase of a product or service, will probably move more into focus and present companies with new challenges such as optimal customer care. Especially in traditional industries away from online sales, the necessary human and logistical resources must first be created and built up in the various sales regions.

5. high quality data sets more important than ever

Constantly, and especially in light of the current economic situation, dialogue with potential customers and clients must be made as successful and purposeful as possible. Companies simply cannot afford to work with poor or outdated data sets and lose time and money in the process. High-quality data sets with secured and verified contact data are the solution here.

As already mentioned, B2B trends in 2023 focus on directly addressing customers. Therefore, the available data must be as accurate and precise as possible. This is where the purchase of B2B marketing addresses pay off. The corresponding service providers provide you with up-to-date, credit-checked and business-active B2B addresses that you can segment to suit your needs. This includes classic segmentation criteria such as industry, company size and region. (B2B addresses and international B2B addresses)but address output based on keywords is also possible. (B2B leads).


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There is still the possibility of acquiring new customer potential on the basis of existing clientele. Here, too, service providers carry out the necessary analysis and filter out the related target groups.

With a service provider such as beDirect, whose core competence is B2B addresses, you and your company benefit directly from the quality of the contacts and the specified selection options for your addresses. This results in a higher chance of qualified leads. New customers can thus be acquired more effectively - offline as well as online.

Companies that want to permanently ensure the quality standard of their database rely on a direct connection to an address database. Another viable solution for many is a web application. Whatever the decision, the advantages are obvious: correct and up-to-date customer data at all times, including selection of new potentials. (integration solution).

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Conclusion: B2B trends 2023 speak a clear language

When you look at B2B trends, you quickly realise that most companies expect difficult times in 2023 as well. Many companies will be looking for new or better service providers, which can make the B2B market much more exciting. Those who position themselves appropriately and proactively address the important players can gain significant advantages. B2B Trends 2023 offers suitable tools for this:

  1. Social media
    • Community care
    • Employee Advocacy
    • Storytelling
    • Seasonal and personalised content
  2. Lead generation and brand awareness online
    • Added-value, target group-oriented content
    • Targeted call-to-actions
    • Social media campaigns
  3. Personalisation
    • Use of marketing automation
    • High quality contact data
    • Sector and interest-specific content and recommendations
  4. Prioritisation in Channel Marketing
    • Focus on customer satisfaction
    • Post-Sale Engagement
    • Customer care
  5. High quality customer data
    • Secured, verified and up-to-date contact details
    • Qualified B2B marketing addresses for new customer acquisition
    • CRM with data integration

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