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Social Selling in B2B

Modern sales relies on social selling. Here is an overview of how you can use business networks as a sales channel.

Crown Salesforce CRM
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Put the crown on your Salesforce CRM!

Cross-functional teamwork is great, but our experience from customer projects with Salesforce users shows that the data quality of the address database suffers enormously from decentralized access.

B2B data audit
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Perfect route planning with the B2B data audit

Outdated data in a database prevents targeted action in marketing & sales. The B2B data audit shows the strengths and weaknesses of the database.

Optimized database for successful system-integrated address management

In 6 steps to a company-wide usable database

We will show you in 6 simple steps how to build a database that can be used throughout your company. This will offer your company considerable advantages in the future.

Direct marketing and data protection in B2B

Direct marketing and data protection in B2B

After 5 years of the GDPR, many companies are still unsure how marketers can find new B2B customers in a GDPR-compliant way. We show you how to comply with the GDPR and still be successful.

B2B database
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B2B database now for spring check

In spring, people prepare their garden for the warm season. You should do the same with your B2B database at the beginning of the year. Inspect it, detect inconsistencies and eliminate them.

Data Exploration
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Partnership of Apteco and beDirect

One of the leading providers of address management and data quality services in Germany beDirect and the British software provider for customer analytics and campaign automation Apteco have been cooperating since 2020.