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social selling

Social Selling in B2B

Modern sales relies on social selling. Here is an overview of how you can use business networks as a sales channel.

Optimized database for successful system-integrated address management

In 6 steps to a company-wide usable database

We will show you in 6 simple steps how to build a database that can be used throughout your company. This will offer your company considerable advantages in the future.

customer centricity
Solutions and products

Customer Centricity: All Power Ahead

Customers are looking for companies that take individual wishes into account and use modern methods to come up with convincing ideas and solutions from the user's point of view.

Digital marketing

4 trends in digital marketing

The survey reveals changes in terms of data volume, communication channels and knowledge about customers and target groups.

Data quality, green traffic light

The 7 criteria of data quality

The reliability of data-based decisions stands and falls with the data quality. The following quality criteria provide information about the state of your data.