code of conduct

The Bertelsmann Code of Conduct

A key function of the Code of Conduct is to make everyone in the company appropriately aware of applicable laws and corporate policies and to raise awareness of legal risks in everyday professional life. The Code of Conduct summarizes laws and other rules that are of particular relevance to Bertelsmann companies and provides guidance.

As a binding guideline for legally compliant and ethically responsible conduct in our company, the Code of Conduct also defines the standard for responsible behavior towards business partners and the public, as well as in dealings with one another within the company. Everyone in the company - employees, the Executive Board and the Supervisory Board - is obliged to comply with the principles set out in it.

The Code of Conduct comprises 20 principles, divided into the topics "Basic Requirements", "Dealing with Business Partners and Third Parties", "Dealing with Information" and "People and the Environment".

In addition, the Code of Conduct also provides guidance on appropriate decision-making and provides information on the speak-up procedures provided by the Company, i.e. opportunities to seek advice, confidentially and safely raise concerns about possible misconduct or to make suggestions for improving compliance processes.