Connected Enterprise - How to use Customer Centricity as a community task

Communication between customers and companies is essential. Therefore, the Connected Enterprise is an optimal digital strategy to gain more insights through the use of the Internet of Things (IoT). At the same time, productivity can be strengthened and improved.

Customer Centrics (in German: Kundenzentrierung, Kundenorientierung) puts the finishing touches on everything. This describes a fundamental change in perspective. From a focus on companies and the respective offer or service to a targeted focus on the clientele and their needs. Through a conscious orientation towards customer needs and personalised offers for the target group, you can maximise your business success.

For a successful implementation of this project, all business processes and corporate structures must be adapted in a targeted manner. But which measures really make sense and how can customer centricity become the overriding corporate philosophy? In the following, you will receive valuable impulses for practice, with which you can successfully lead your company into the future.

Customer Centricity as the basis of corporate strategy

In the course of digitalisation, the demands of the clientele have steadily increased. The permanent availability of numerous offers and the booming start-up scene ensure strong competition in a wide range of sectors. Consistent orientation to the needs of the clientele is therefore the key factor in establishing oneself permanently on the market. The focus of all considerations here is the individual design of the customer journey. Do away with impersonal touchpoints and create the ideal framework conditions for building a positive customer relationship. At the same time, digitalisation offers a versatile and individual opportunity to get in touch with the clientele and optimise customer care. Social selling can be used to strengthen the establishment and expansion of the customer relationship. With the use of social media channels, a targeted and appealing relationship can be built with the customisers. If the omnichannel strategy is additionally applied, customer relationship management can be held and strengthened across channels in social media. In our Newsroom we will inform you about these and other exciting topics.

Based on comprehensive data sets, the customer journey can be flexibly and tailor-made designed. From the first point of contact to existing touchpoints, a wide range of data is analysed. As a result, you benefit from more efficient acquisition of new customers and stronger retention of your existing customers.

Connected Enterprise - steps towards a customer-centric company

Orientation towards customer needs should not be seen as an isolated task, but should become a holistic guideline. To this end, you should give the highest priority to customer expectations in all business areas. A crucial aspect is the digitalisation of your value chain and the continuous optimisation of your offer.

Furthermore, personal interaction also plays a crucial role on the path to the Connected Enterprise. Ideally, you empower everyone in your organisation to contribute to a positive customer experience. In this way, the needs of your clientele become the central benchmark in all areas, from marketing to service. The following list contains important recommendations for action in practice:

  • Ongoing analysis of customer expectations
  • Integration of all company divisions in the optimisation of the customer experience
  • Networking with external business partners to meet customer needs

Targeted data evaluation for more efficiency

If customer value is to be maximised, data-driven solutions are of enormous advantage. Modern CRM systems act as a perfect tool for this and collect the data you need. You can implement smart address management solutions directly into a CRM. How this improves data quality and what the pain points are that arise from incomplete or outdated databases, read our Newsblog article. Thanks to the automatic evaluation and structuring, companies benefit from various added values for the customer journey. Specific needs are recognised and can be fulfilled in the form of individual product offers or services.

Furthermore, professional data evaluation brings with it enormous potential for the future. The associated systems are becoming more and more comprehensive and are being expanded with supplementary features. Data-driven solutions are therefore the ideal foundation for contemporary and holistic customer care.

Connected Enterprise as the basis of Customer Centricity creates competitive advantages

All in all, the move to the Connected Enterprise gives you a significant competitive advantage. By focusing on customer needs, both your promotional activities and sales become measurably more effective. Thanks to differentiated products and services, you raise customer satisfaction to a higher level. In addition, you establish a customer service that responds to individual requirements and optimally rounds off the customer experience.

Do you have questions about the implementation of Customer Centricity in relation to your address management? The experienced team at beDirect is at your side with expert advice. We accompany you in the transformation to the Connected Enterprise and ensure high data quality.



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