How to manage data efficiently in your CRM software

A reliable database is the cornerstone for successful customer relationship and campaign management. Silo-like data management in manually maintained systems is time-consuming, error-prone and simply unmanageable with large amounts of data. Instead of condemning sales or marketing staff to manual address entry and maintenance, smart address management solutions can be implemented directly in the CRM/automation tool. We will show you how you can benefit from these smart address management solutions using Salesforce as an example.

What are pain points caused by incomplete or outdated databases?

Large collections of data without structure or up-to-dateness are difficult to handle and harmful for acquisition and customer loyalty. But what specific problems can arise when data is incomplete or unstructured in a CRM?

    • Ignorance: Sales lacks information on new customers or leads
    • Ignorance: The CTA response does not provide any company information, but only rudimentary contact details
    • Duplicates: Without duplicate software, duplicates of data and contacts are unavoidable
    • Lack of overview: Lack of company interdependencies only allows a view of the individual company, not of a group of companies
    • Incompetence: The unknown function and position of contact persons or the lack of assignment to a company makes the evaluation of a lead impossible


These problems arise when the requirements of data quality are not present.

How can data quality be improved?

An important basis for improving data quality is provided by a database that can be used throughout the company is a challenge. One solution for this is Salesforce CRM. The beDirect Salesforce app connects to the system and eliminates possible errors in the centrally available database that can occur due to a large number of internal users entering and processing the data. beDirect is a certified Salesforce-With the app, it offers an address management solution in which data is maintained, enriched and supplemented by automated updates. Smart solutions such as the Salesforce app from beDirect enable the automated capture, single check at the touch of a button and regular monitoring of large amounts of data.

Address registration of new contacts

The system-supported address entry is fast and error-free. Instead of manually entering all address components, new entries are made using the intelligent single-field search. Keywords, name components or similar quickly lead to a selection list. The user makes his choice with a click and the address, including all desired additional features, is entered into the CRM without duplicates. Fast, correct and cost-effective!

Time and cost advantages for address registration
Time and cost advantages for address registration

Individual testing of existing leads

Leads already in the database can be matched against the beDirect reference database at the touch of a button. This is useful if there is a longer period of time between the creation and use of the lead. After all, there are over 1 million changes in German companies per year. Here, too, additional information can be added at any time. The whole thing at the touch of a button within a few seconds.

Monitoring of the complete database

Through a machine match against the beDirect reference database, each record is given a unique reference ID. Changes are automatically imported into the database via this reference ID. Up-to-date at all times, without manual effort.

Put the crown on your Salesforce CRM!

The Salesforce App enables you to keep large collections of data up to date and qualitative with minimal effort. You can enrich the desired additional information and in the course of this cluster and evaluate data. This gives you a good overview of who your customers are and which customer potentials you would like to conquer in the future. In addition, previously unknown cross-selling potentials can be discovered and address information can be effectively upgraded. You can also benefit from the following advantages:

    • Your sales team has access to important company information about its leads already in the acquisition phase
    • CTA response can be directly evaluated and clustered using additional information
    • Duplicates: Without duplicate software, duplicates of data and contacts are unavoidable
    • Through company linkages, your sales and purchasing can directly acquire an entire group of companies instead of unknowingly acquiring only the individual company.
    • Through knowledge of the function and area of responsibility of the contact persons, you only address profitable contacts in your marketing and sales campaigns


Benefit now from the new standard in address management and work more efficiently than ever before with the beDirect Salesforce app.

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Author Thomas Fedder

key account manager

Core competencies in his projects are: 

  • Realizing solutions,
  • Services for the successful use of B2B address information in sales and marketing campaigns,
  • Project implementation for contemporary Address Management- and integration solutions in CRM/ERPSystems. 

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