customer centricity

Paying attention to customers

are customer needs holistically rooted within your business processes? more precisely: are your activities, including your products, working methods and your corporate mission statement, oriented to the needs of your customers? no? then you are like many other companies in the German-speaking world.

often it is not the customers and their customer experience that companies pay particular attention to in customer relationship management. all too often it is rather the phase of lead generation that is the focus of attention. the important phase of sustainable customer development is often neglected. the consequence is that services, features and positive customer experiences fall by the wayside. this can be traced back to the focus that companies from germany, austria and switzerland traditionally place on technology.

Faster than the competition

the one-sided focus can have consequences, as a look at the competition makes clear. identical or similar products, with more suitable concepts and a better aligned customer experience can be the decisive reason for a change of supplier - because new offers can be researched, obtained and compared quickly. newcomers and start-ups in particular make it difficult for established companies with innovative solutions, short decision-making paths and agile structures. the willingness to change is increased by the current strong position of customers in buyer markets.

Customer added value

customers are looking for companies that take their individual wishes and needs into account. however, these requirements do not only include pre-sales activities, but require a consistent orientation along the entire customer journey. the aim must be to create individual value for the users of your products and services.

customer centricity

The relevance of such an approach, which is summarized under the term customer centricity, has been recognized primarily by companies from the US area with close proximity to Silicon Valley. they place their customers in the center of attention and integrate modern methods such as design thinking or service design. these are approaches that, from the user's point of view, produce convincing ideas and solutions and thus enable a continuous and holistic orientation towards the customer.

Another distinguishing feature is the attitude of these companies towards their customers: All workflows are not only aimed at winning new customers, but also at long-term customer loyalty to the company, which can only be achieved by aligning product policy, work processes and mission statements with customer wishes and needs in a sustainable manner.

360° address management

Customer Centricity nutzen, liegt bei Ihnen. Bei den kundenzentrierten Herausforderungen im Adressmanagement können wir Sie mit unserer 360°-Lösung gezielt in verschiedenen Geschäftsfeldern unterstützen. Statt Fehler nachträglich zu korrigieren, pflegen und überwachen wir Ihre Kunden- und Interessentendatenbank vollautomatisch. Die Verbesserung von Datenqualität und -aktualität ermöglicht Ihnen ein fokussiertes Vorgehen, das zum Beispiel die Wirksamkeit von Mailingaktionen erhöht. Zu diesem Zweck können Sie auch aussagekräftige Zusatzinformationen zu Ihren Kundendaten nutzen, die wir Ihnen beispielsweise in Form von Branche, Mitarbeiteranzahl oder weiteren Ansprechpartnern zur Verfügung stellen. Im Vertrieb hingegen sorgt ein einheitlicher und strukturierter Datenbestand für effiziente Außendienstaktivitäten.

Ergo: While we take care of ensuring your data quality, you can fully concentrate on optimal customer relationship management.

Integration solution

Permanently secure the achieved quality standard of your customer database - online in your address management system.

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