Data audit: Find the weaknesses in your database

Status quo of your database

beDirect's data audit provides you with a status quo to determine the actual need for optimisation of your master data. beDirect's data audit uses a detailed analysis to check customer database content and structure for relevant quality features in a multi-stage process.

Graphic data audit evaluation
Example of an evaluation of a data audit

The analysis results are available within a few days and the data audit includes an overview of the correction needs of the database including an exact calculation of the corrections and the enrichment of missing additional information.

look and feel

The simple display of the determined address quantities enables a quick and clear traceability of the results.

Non-overlapping potentials

You can see which overlap-free new potentials are available by looking at the Top 10 sectors. In order to develop cross-selling potentials, there is the possibility of target group-specific address purchasing.

Recommendation for action Data audit

On the basis of the results you will receive an individual recommendation for action and we will show you which options are feasible for the further course of action with regard to cleansing, enrichment and the acquisition of new potential.

If you know exactly where the strengths and weaknesses of your database lie, you can take action: with a valid picture of your database up-to-dateness, you have an individual planning aid with which you can avoid risks through data-based decisions.

Master data management

The data audit is part of master data management. After analysing your database, we recommend cleaning it so that you have clean and meaningful data of the highest quality in your database. This is how you achieve high-quality data step by step Master data.

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