Successful acquisition of new customers: The 3 most important steps

Acquiring new customers is a task that you need to approach actively. It is not enough to wait for potential customers to find your company. Only through active marketing and acquisition measures will you become known to your target group. When it comes to acquiring new customers, it's especially important to stay on the ball, because your competition never sleeps. The following steps show you how to identify your target group, where to reach them and how to generate targeted interest.


Who do you want to address?

In the first step, you should intensively deal with the question of who you want to address with your acquisition measures. Who is your target group? If you don't have a concrete picture in mind, it can help to create a customer buyer persona. This is a profile that shows a person who represents your target group. On this basis, it is often easier to identify potential new customers.

You can then check whether you already have address data on potential customers in your database. If this is not the case, you will have to obtain them in other ways. For example, you can use B2B address shops to fall back on. Here you can select specific addresses and select them by region, industry or company characteristics, for example. With the help of these addresses, you can now address your target group via various marketing measures.


What measures can you use to acquire new customers?

You have now identified your target group and selected suitable addresses. But what measures can you use to win this target group as customers? Ideally, you do not rely on one method, but are active on several channels. This includes, for example:

  • Telephone acquisition
  • Fairs and events
  • Webinars
  • social media marketing
  • Print mailings

Telephone acquisition is of great importance for the acquisition of new customers

The acquisition of new customers through telephone acquisition is very effective, especially in the B2B sector. It is important that your telesales agents prepare themselves appropriately for the target group and their needs. Collect arguments and advantages for the selected target group already before the calls. This increases the success of your telephone acquisition!

Trade fairs and events for new customer acquisition

Nothing is as personal as acquiring new customers on site; for example at trade fairs and events. However, as these measures are being eliminated on a large scale due to current restrictions, many companies are looking for suitable alternatives.

In this context, virtual trade fairs offer a good opportunity to get in direct contact with interested parties. Potential customers can get to know your company and your products through a digital trade fair stand or presentation. The great advantage for you is that travel and trade fair construction costs are eliminated. Instead, you can concentrate entirely on preparing your content.

Personal acquisition of new customers through webinars

Furthermore Webinars a very good way to convey the competencies of your company and your employees on a personal level. Webinars are often more personal than digital trade fairs, especially when they take place live.

Acquiring new customers through social selling

In addition to phone canvassing, you can also reach your target audience online. Social selling is becoming increasingly popular with many B2B companies. In doing so, you address your target group specifically on social media channels. First, clarify which platforms are suitable for your company and where your target group is located.

The basis for successful social selling is that your Social media profile is up to date and you publish content with added value for your target group at regular intervals. Furthermore, it is recommended that your sales staff actively use the platforms to get in touch with potential customers.

Here, too, you can use professional B2B address shops to identify suitable contacts in your target group. You can address these via direct messages or also via targeted advertisements and win them as new customers.

With print mailings you reach new customers directly through the letterbox

Are print mailings a secret star or a dud? If you proceed with quality and creativity, you have a very good chance of good conversion. Due to current circumstances, many presence measures have moved to the web. This sometimes leads to information overload. In our digital age, mailings are already attracting attention because they are not the norm. Offline media is retro!

Print media have now developed into a form of communication with a special character. Not only should the actual mailing be attractively designed, but the choice of packaging should also attract attention. Both high-quality materials and an original design for the mailing and packaging ensure the desired haptic effect. In this way, your products or mailings can be experienced haptically and emotionally.


What do you want to say to your potential customers?

You now have your B2B target group selected, identified and determined with which measures they reach them. But what do you want to tell them? With what added value can you convince them to become customers?

For this, a target group-oriented approach and high-quality content are particularly relevant. Find out what problems your potential customers have. Answer these problems with concrete solutions. For this purpose, whitepapers are particularly well suited as free guides.

How to successfully acquire new customers

As this article has made clear, you can use various marketing and sales activities to acquire new customers in the B2B sector. We recommend that you go through all of the steps mentioned above in order to address your target group on different channels and win them over with suitable content.

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