The B2B reference database

The data of beDirect originates from our shareholder Creditreform as well as from publicly accessible directories and yellow pages. beDirect is directly linked to the negative and blocked stock of the Creditreform Group, so that companies which are recognisably unsuitable for advertising can be excluded from the stock.

All other addresses are actively checked annually. beDirect's experienced employees research additional information from a wide range of sources to ensure the high quality of the beDirect data.

beDirect's entire database currently comprises more than 18 million B2B data sets. The historical and passive data is used for cleansing and enriching databases. 5 million data sets are available for the acquisition of new customers. These consist of economically active business addresses including organisations and authorities.

Company data and contact persons

More than 300 features allow the tailor-made enrichment of your data stock.
Special features that are currently not available can be generated individually if required.

2020-02_DataSecurity_Data Sources_OureDatabase_Company Size

Company size

e.g. according to employee or sales categories or equity capital

Communication data

Select telephone number, URLs, e-mail addresses (info@) and fax numbers (without opt-in)


Postcode 1 to 5 digits & perimeters, cities, rural & urban districts, towns & municipalities, administrative districts, federal states, town sizes by classes


according to extended WZ 2008, according to NACE Rev. 2 industries, primary industry or all industries of a company, according to markets, according to special industries

2020-02_DataSecurity_Data Sources_OurDatabase_Company Interconnections

Company linkages

Number of branches, dependent branches (head office/branch relationships), company hierarchies, interdependencies (parent-subsidiary relationships)

Commercial register

registered in HR or not, legal forms (e.g. GmbH, AG), business activities of the respective companies by keywords


e.g. the 1st management level (CEO, owner, board of directors), the 2nd FE (e.g. marketing / sales manager), additional information on decision-makers (gender, year of birth)

Other characteristics

Import & export indicators, foreign activity, trade fair activity, number of beds, restaurants by indoor seating, online shops with shop systems