Relax and plan for 2022!

Save up to 33% today and select and download B2B addresses by 12/31/2021.

In the bundle action you can select and export your B2B target groups online until the end of the year. You can configure all target groups individually via various characteristics, narrow them down and compare them against previous selections. In this way, you receive precisely fitting and overlap-free new potentials for your marketing activities.

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B2B addresses in a bundle

Save up to 33% in 2021 and have all target groups ready for 2022.

Determine bundle size

Choose freely between 1,500 and 24,999 addresses. Depending on your needs!

Define selections

Individual target group for the respective campaign. No wastage!

Determine useful life

One-time campaign, calendar year or longer. Your campaign determines the type of use!


Until the end of the year to determine the target groups for your campaigns!

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Answers to your most important questions about B2B addresses in the bundle

With the bundle promotion, you save in two ways:

  1. Discount on the address price compared with the list price
  2. Free features and additional information worth 0,46 Euro

You can use all selection criteria in the shop. There is no restriction due to the price advantage for the bundle action.

The bundle price includes the output of these features/additional information:

  • Company Name,
  • Address,
  • Phone number, 
  • Homepage, 
  • Industry (5-digit code for main and secondary industry),
  • Turnover scale,
  • Staff Relay,
  • 1 1st level decision maker,
  • beDirect-ID and
  • Creditreform number.

You can use the bundle to

One-time use (i.e. you use the acquired addresses once as part of your new customer acquisition measures), 

Annual usage (i.e. you rely on multiple contacts for your new customer acquisition. With this usage type, you can contact the addressees as often as you like within a year) or

Permanent use (i.e. the acquired addresses are an integral part of your campaign activities for more than one year. There is no time or quantity limit for the use of these addresses).


This question concerns the right of use as well as the GDPR.

Basically, the storage of data in your CRM only makes sense if the acquired addresses are used regularly, i.e. from annual use onwards.

However, according to Article 13 DSGVO, you may only store personal data if you have informed the data subject. Details you will find » here.

Tip: Inform responders directly as part of the response/CTA. Example: By submitting the form, I consent to my details being stored for contact purposes. I can revoke my consent at any time for the future by e-mail.

Until 31.12.2021 you can download the address bundle in as many individual sections as you need.

So by the end of the year, relax and plan your 2022 campaigns and select the target groups you need.

The useful life depends on the type of use.

Have you used the acquired addresses for One-time use booked, you may use them once as part of your campaign. You decide when you run this campaign. 
Recommendation: Since addresses are subject to change, we recommend using them within 3 months.

At the Annual and permanent use use the acquired addresses within one year or without time limitation (for details see questions What types of use are there?)
Recommendation: Use our update service. We will be happy to inform you about processing and costs.

The bundle action is exclusively valid for our beAddress shop.

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