International B2B print mailings: Crossing borders with high-quality addresses

The classic B2B print mailing - still up to date?

The clear answer to this is: YES! According to the current CMC Print Mailing Study print mailings are still a highly effective communication measure to reactivate existing customers. Companies achieved an average conversion rate of 4.7 % with this target group in 2022, which is back to pre-pandemic levels after the special Corona effect in 2021. As in the previous years, the effect of B2B print mailings as particularly durable. This also applies to shipping abroad.

In our newsroom article Use print mailings exclusively: 5 tips for success we showed how companies can attract a lot of attention even in digital times with the right strategy and appealing mailings:

1. with a clear Objective
2. the integration into a Cross-channel campaign
3. the creation of a special experience
4. The address of the right target group
5. The selection of the right time

Tell a story!

Storytelling is storytelling - and a good B2B print mailing should always fulfil this as well: for consumer communication, the focus is often on emotionality. In the B2B environment, content should be backed up with concrete facts, infographics and expert knowledge. Particularly effective: coupon offers. These are performance boosters for print mailings. Percentage vouchers are clearly ahead: they generate an average conversion rate 23 % higher than euro vouchers.

Further tips for a successful international B2B print mailing:

1. plan in good time

Coordination with the departments, translations, logistics and last but not least postal delivery consume a lot of time. In Germany, dialogue mail is usually distributed within two to four working days. However, the delivery times of advertising mail abroad can quickly amount to several weeks!

2. other countries, other customs - think global, act local

In Germany, a DIN long mailing is the standard. In England, this format only earns a weary smile. Since the English are much more generous in terms of format and weight, DIN A5 mailings are often chosen in high quality. When looking at foreign mailings, one quickly realises that the colour and image worlds are also very different. Therefore, a critical examination and design adaptation to local conditions is urgently recommended.

3. find a common language

Misunderstandings quickly arise in contact with foreign printers and lettershops. This has consequences not only for the product, but above all for the costs and the timing. Most companies are not lacking in the necessary professionalism, but simply in faulty communication (different spelling of numbers, inch instead of metric systems, insufficient description of material, processing and technology, lack of market knowledge).

Find the right target group

Print mailings have great advantages: they offer a haptic experience and full attention. If you have a flyer or magazine in your hand, the focus is 100 % on it. Moreover, with qualified address material, the recipients are addressed very individually and personally. That's what counts. The decisive factor is, of course, the correct target group selection and Good, qualified addresses.




Win new customers with qualified foreign addresses

Go beyond borders with international addresses. Find out how high the customer potential abroad is for you via beDirect. You can draw on a potential of over 190 million business addresses from Europe and the world.

beDirect covers approx. 82 million company addresses for North and South America and approx. 50 million in Europe alone. Regular, weekly updates of our marketing database ensure up-to-date data. Almost all characteristics from Germany can also be selected in the other countries, for example sectors, employees or address topicality.
You can find the exact address quantities from the respective countries on our international website.

With beAddress to the desired target group: B2B data from Austria

We offer a special sales service for the rental and purchase of Austrian company addresses via our online shop on.

There our customers will find approx. 600,000 B2B address data records from Austria. The special feature: the registered user can also select the characteristics in combination with the German target groups - credit-checked and business-active B2B addresses at the touch of a button. A Tutorial explains details.

As Conclusion it can be said that high response rates and the avoidance of wastage for an international B2B print mailing can only be expected if you have familiarised yourself with the customary dialogue marketing practices of the respective country and use up-to-date, deliverable and verified addresses.

If you have any questions about the international addresses, please do not hesitate to contact us. Register for one of our webinars free of charge and without obligation. You can find the topics and dates here.

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