Customer structure analysis: Important customer insights for sales and marketing

The success of a company is made up of numerous puzzle pieces. A customer structure analysis can make a valuable contribution to identifying which customer groups hold particular potential. The collection of comprehensive data sets and their professional evaluation form the basis of the customer structure analysis and thus important customer insights.

But what needs to be considered during implementation and which measures really make sense? In the following, you will receive answers to these central questions and concrete tips for practice. From the advantages of a company-wide database to the importance of data quality, all important aspects are highlighted.

The customer structure analysis at a glance

Customer structure analyses are a targeted evaluation of collected customer data. In this context, for example, information on buying behaviour and demographic characteristics are taken into account. Reactions to previous marketing campaigns are also an important part of the analysis. The overall goal is to gain a better understanding of the needs and characteristics of one's own clientele.

As a result of the corresponding analyses, you can optimise communication with your business partners and design new advertising activities more effectively. In addition, the evaluations offer enormous potential for the future direction of your company.

In this way, the profile of possible leads can be derived from the analyses, which is a decisive advantage for targeted business expansion. In addition, the online shop offers beAddress first-class B2B marketing addresses for new customer potential.

A database that can be used throughout the company as a basis

The creation and maintenance of a database form the basis for the desired customer structure analysis. The relevant information must be collected and managed centrally. As a result, companies benefit from meaningful data and customer structure analyses.

Ideally, a Database usable throughout the company created. Through this approach, all departments of your company have access to the customer data and their evaluations. Thus, the analyses are not only available for the management level, but also in other company departments such as marketing.

The result is, for example, customised advertising campaigns for your clientele of tomorrow. In the following list you will find some important factors of a company-wide usable database:

  • High security standard through flexibly definable user rights
  • uncomplicated extension of the data stock
  • Cross-departmental availability of relevant customer data

Using modern tools for effective analyses

A professional customer structure analysis is based on an optimal preparation of the collected data. For this purpose, beDirect cooperates with Apteco, a renowned software developer for detailed customer analyses.

Features such as innovative visualisation tools enable a clear presentation of complex data sets. Afterwards, you can comprehend correlations more quickly and understand your customers better. All in all, the tools are ideal instruments and starting points for data-driven campaigns. You can find more information on this at the beDirect Partner Solutions.

Data quality as the basis of a successful customer structure analysis

Both the quantity and the quality of the data are decisive factors for a professional customer structure analysis. In order to benefit from a database that is as comprehensive as possible, database enrichment is recommended. This process takes into account, for example, information such as the size of the company, the creditworthiness index and the respective industry. The overriding goal is to compile the most meaningful data records possible for each individual customer.

Besides the pure quantity, the quality of the customer data also plays an important role. Checks for possible contradictions as well as regular updating are among the most important tasks. Only through high data quality, which can be achieved with a Database clean-up is achieved, professional evaluations can be carried out and targeted measures derived. Those who want to exploit the full potential of the customer structure analysis should give high priority to data quality.

Increasing importance of customer structure analysis

In the course of digitalisation, the utilisation of data is becoming increasingly important. Buyer journey analysis is a long-term trend in the B2B sector and offers companies new perspectives for strategy development. Numerous conclusions can be drawn from current business relationships and future customers can be outlined.

Those who understand the actions of their clientele and know their individual needs gain an effective competitive advantage. The data-based customer structure analyses are therefore not to be understood as a technical gimmick, but as an important measure for sustainable corporate success.

The experts at beDirect will provide you with expert support for this project. beDirect will take care of the professional maintenance of the database for you and guarantee high data quality. Do you have any questions about a possible collaboration or the technical process? Then don't hesitate to contact us for a personal consultation. The beDirect team is available for you by phone as well as by e-mail.

You want to know more about data exploration and data visualisation? Then be our guest at the joint webinar by Apteco and beDirect: Campaign Success with External Data & B2B Marketing Analytics, 28 September 2022. To the registration

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