Modern lead management: Exactly my target group!

unerring lead management

A targeted customer approach fundamentally changes your lead management: If you only consider relevant contacts, you choose the direct route and use your resources efficiently - especially if you rely on a smart data combination!

Intelligent search technology

in 2019 the internet celebrated its 50th anniversary. in the meantime, not only messages are exchanged, but primarily data. this is exactly where the premium leads come in, combining intelligent search technology with classic selection.

together with you, we identify descriptive keywords for your desired target group. the precise determination of the leads is software-based, taking into account relevant keyword clouds from the big data crawl database. this is built up from the contents of the company homepages, metatags, company names and business activities. using modern technology and the smart combination with classic characteristics such as turnover, industry or region, we determine premium leads that are precisely tailored to you.

Exclusive data combination

With Premium Leads, you only have access to differentiated leads that correspond to your target group in the best possible way. The foundation for determining targeted contacts is the exclusive data combination we access:

B2B addresses

Over 5 million active business addresses including
Organisations and authorities.

Business activities

More than 3 million descriptions
on the economic activities of undertakings.


Access to more than 115
Millions of crawled subpages from over 2 million different websites.

Basically, the more precisely the search words are defined, the better the evaluation. Of course, the hits in the beDirect reference database so that you only receive economically active and credit-checked leads. If desired, these can be qualified with further characteristics.

Premium leads make the difference

The use of individual search and combination options brings advantages in two respects. Depending on the target, you thereby minimize the risk of wastage or increase the potential in your next marketing and sales campaign - completely independent of a Industry classification.

You too can rely on differentiated leads, die dank intelligenter Suchtechnologie bestmöglich Ihrer Zielgruppe entsprechen.

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Author Elena Baeder

Head of Marketing & Communication

Ich leite die Abteilung Marketing & Communications der beDirect GmbH & Co. KG, die ich kurz nach der Gründung des Unternehmens als Joint Venture zwischen arvato und Creditreform im Jahr 2001 mit aufgebaut habe. Seit meinem betriebswirtschaftliches Studium entwickle ich Strategien und Kampagnen für unsere B2B-Kommunikation mit Partnern und Kunden. Dabei ist die Veränderung die größte Konstante. Neue Tools, veränderte rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen und schnelllebige Märkte machen unsere Arbeit herausfordernd und spannend.

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