Targeted customer approach

roundabout trip

many roads lead to rome - this is literally the case. however, these roads differ in many ways. a journey to rome can take many hours if the route is exclusively on country roads or across the alps. if the route leads directly along the motorway or is done by plane, the journey to the eternal city can be accelerated enormously. how you reach your destination therefore depends largely on your route planning.

On the way to their customers

Of course, you can address potential customers without much planning and hope that you will achieve your (sales) goals, but whether the watering can principle leads to the desired success is more like a game of chance.

more promising is a systematic customer approach: define in advance exactly who belongs to your target group and what your individual B2B Buyer Persona looks like. this requires an intensive examination of your potential customer group. in this context, relevant industries, regions as well as further company characteristics such as staffing levels need to be specified. in addition, customer wishes and needs should be considered in order to enable a targeted and personalized approach including the selection of suitable products and services. the more precisely you define customer-oriented parameters in advance, the higher are the chances of success to place your products and services where they are actually relevant.

Classical address management

With the classic variant, we work with over 300 selection criteria, such as industry sector or company size, to select your desired target group.

premium leads

Individual research is an extension of the classic approach, and by including additional sources such as the World Wide Web, we can identify very specific target groups beyond the WZ system.

Classic Selection vs. Premium Leads

Whether a classic selection or individual research with premium leads is the right solution for you depends on the company-specific requirements of your potential target group. » premium leads on the basis of selected practical examples.

Do you have questions about the possibilities of targeting customers?
Our colleagues will be happy to work with you to determine which approach is right for your requirements.

B2B addresses

More than 300 characteristics enable a promising selection of your desired B2B target group. 

premium leads

Rely on differentiated leads that match your target group as closely as possible thanks to intelligent search technology. 

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