5 digital marketing trends 2022 for B2B - this is what matters!

The marketing trends in 2022 remain primarily dynamic, relationship-driven and social. The user and customer experience will remain in focus and the Corona pandemic will remain a topic. It will continue to inspire and influence online marketing in 2022.

Trend researchers see further focal points in marketing automation, in the social selling and the influence of artificial intelligence (AI). This is a continuation of much of what already began last year.

Remember: Sales, marketing and other business units are moving even closer together in B2B online marketing! 2022 is no time for lone wolves. Here, everyone benefits from working together.

Data sharing is the order of the day. Valuable customer data is (almost) everything this year. Digital marketing trends in 2022 offer few surprises, but more clarity and sharpened profiles.

Marketing trend 1: Corona as a trend driver - hybrid and digital strategies

B2B will not be able to avoid digital and hybrid event forms in 2022. The importance of online marketing continues to grow. How the eMinded survey confirms, many companies will increase their online advertising budget.

Addressing customers digitally via video conferences or webinars has become established. It has a fixed place in the event calendar of most companies.

Hybrid event forms are becoming increasingly popular. They give participants the choice of taking part in the event on site or digitally. The development will not stop here this year.

Many companies are fighting for the attention of their customers. Sales and marketing need to prepare even better. Acquisition needs more impetus and with additional data about the clientele, sales teams create a better basis for discussion and more success.

Marketing trend 2: Analysis and optimisation in the customer journey

Much is written about the customer experience in digital marketing. In terms of content, it is about the Relationship management.

The analysis of data continues to gain in importance. The path of customers and prospects is tracked precisely in order to expand the customer relationship. Here, too, it's all about data. You need this in the best quality and continuously.

Marketing trend 3: Marketing automation and AI

Closely linked to the expansion of the customer experience is further automation. Here, the use of AI (artificial intelligence) is gaining influence.

Important: AI does not work independently. It needs high-quality and quantitative data. Only with them will you get the most out of marketing automation and AI. The digital marketing trends of 2022 are data-driven, and this applies to all trend areas.

Are you a marketing manager? Then your department will be even hungrier for information in the future. This also applies to sales. Manage your customer data optimally and bring data together in the company. This will be especially important for you in 2022.

Marketing trend 4: Situational content marketing

Content remains a big topic. Yet situational content is an indispensable part of the customer experience. Situational content means relevant content. In other words, content that is of interest to the customer. The decision-makers in marketing use customer-related data for this purpose.

The only thing that counts for customers is what interests them. Content is becoming even more individual and tailored to individual customers and customer groups. This can be a challenge for marketing and sales and can only be mastered with high-quality customer data.

Marketing Trend 5: Social Selling and Podcast Marketing

Social media are also very much at the forefront of online marketing in 2022. In the process, other digital channels are branching off. They are already known and now they can gain importance:

- Influencer marketing
- Podcast marketing
- Social Shopping/Livestream Shopping
- Metaverse and Augmented Reality.

Whether all these trends can establish themselves clearly in the B2B segment? That remains open. Much is mixed here with developments for end customers.

Offers such as podcast marketing and social shopping for B2B could become decisive. Busy B2B buyers are likely to be attracted by short audio clips in podcasts. The same applies to uncomplicated shopping channels in social shopping.

Conclusion: Staying ahead with the data

What are digital marketing trends 2022 in the B2B segment? Everything that brings marketing and sales even closer to the individual customer. Data-driven processes are the most important drivers in online marketing 2022. The 360° view of the customer counts.


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