beDirect data in GBI-GENIOS company profiles

Find quick and easy access to high-quality B2B information on German and Austrian companies - via the GENIOS databases. With the top database for Company profiles of beDirect you get access to approx. 5 million credit-checked and commercially active B2B addresses via GBI-GENIOS. Their hit list shows transparently what information is involved and what it costs in each individual case. Billing is as simple as in any good shop system. Try it out!

Also: Press database and media monitoring

There is no better way to get to know your clientele! In addition to balance sheets or credit ratings, GENIOS provides you with information from trade journals or studies published by your clientele or your lead. Learn more on the pages of GENIOS.  


GBI-GENIOS is the leading provider of electronic business information in German-speaking countries. As a subsidiary of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the Handelsblatt Media Group, GBI-GENIOS provides its customers with quality information and IT services in the areas of research, business intelligence, data analytics, smart data, e-content services and electronic archives. GBI-GENIOS offers one-stop access to the content of the German-language daily, weekly and specialist press, to business-relevant eBooks, to financial and company information as well as to market and industry information.

beDirect is data partner in the online portal GENIOS with beDirect Company Profiles Germany at GBI-GENIOS  and beDirect Company Profiles Austria at GBI-GENIOS.

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