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Intelligent data is the basis of success. The B2B software LeadLab from WiredMinds provides you with highly relevant information about your website visitors. Based on the data from beDirect, LeadLab recognises which companies visit your website - and thus transforms anonymous website traffic into promising leads and customers of tomorrow. 

Gaining leads through your website means you:

Anonymous visitors adé: 

Company names, data, backgrounds: With LeadLab you know which companies visit your website - and why! LeadLab provides you with relevant insights that open the door to your next customer.

Top prospects

With the help of clever functions, you focus exclusively on those visitors who successfully bring you forward. Of course, you will receive ongoing support in configuring your LeadLab filter.

Integrate Leads: 

The software adapts completely to your workflow. Distribute leads to your appropriate sales team. Transfer your leads automatically into your CRM. Simple reporting included!

See for yourself the benefits of lead identification for your B2B web visitors: Speak us and we will provide you with a free trial account.

This is how LeadLab inspires your sales:

Turn anonymous website visitors into relevant B2B leads

You expand your sales opportunities

Are you looking for companies that are interested in your products? Would you like to make full use of the advantages of inbound marketing? With LeadLab you can win new customers even more easily.

You use the
decisive moment

Which company is currently showing strong interest in your products or services? Your LeadLab will show you. Use this door opener confidently - at the time of the purchase decision.

You bind your
Existing customers per se

What are your customers actually doing on your website?
With LeadLab, you can identify cross-selling and upselling potentials and read off dissatisfaction or recognise an increased need for information.

They work intelligently and with integrity - without cookies

The technology obtains its enormous data depth not from cookies, but from company data. Privacy always remains protected. The standard of data protection is unmatched at the federal level and worldwide.

You address target groups credibly

How did your target groups find you online? What information on your website do they click on? And do they find what they are looking for there? LeadLab makes the click paths visible. And you? Make your content even more inviting.

inbound marketing
measurably relevant

With LeadLab, you consistently focus your online marketing on the companies that are relevant to your success. That means: 100 percent customer centricity. Only in this way is online marketing powerful and intelligent.

The Analysis Know-How

WiredMinds GmbH was founded in 2002 and is based in Stuttgart. With its product LeadLab, the company specialises in lead generation in the B2B sector. With the LeadLab software developed in-house, company visitors to websites can be identified by name. 100% DSGVO compliant. WiredMinds won the Innovation Award at CEBIT and is now the market leader with over 600 customers.

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André Schmidt

head of direct sales