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Partnership with Pitney Bowes

With Pitney Bowes as its data partner, beDirect can expand its service portfolio into international territory. beDirect's new solution is aimed at companies looking for automated and globally uniform lead, account and market processing via CRM connection.

With the partnership, beDirect, the data specialist from Gütersloh, can provide customers with targeted support for regional marketing and sales measures that go beyond the German borders. Through customised selections, segmentations and geographical visualisations, extended insights into sales potential, also abroad, can be obtained. An expandable web frontend completes the value-added solution for international expansion plans.

International business addresses

Customers with an international sales focus can access 172 million pieces of company information from 175 countries through the cooperation with Pitney Bowes software. Modern interface solutions (API) and various application scenarios are available for this purpose: With the aim of expanding internationally, sales departments can use qualified and enriched lead addresses from different countries depending on POIS. Profiling enables the creation of targeted cross-/upselling offers. In addition, lead capture referenced from various sources and in real time enables data to be stored in a central CRM.

Pitney Bowes refers to the data she has maintained over decades as the knowledge fabric, helping companies gain relevant business insight by understanding the relationships between people, places and things.

To the partner company

Pitney Bowes Deutschland GmbH is a global technology company and provider of trading solutions in the areas of e-commerce, shipping, mail processing and data.
Pitney Bowes Deutschland GmbH belongs to Pitney Bowes Inc. The American company was founded in 1920 and is based in Stamford, Connecticut.

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Foreign addresses

Companies with an international sales focus will find beDirect high-quality international B2B customer potential. 


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Author Elena Baeder

Head of Marketing & Communication

Ich leite die Abteilung Marketing & Communications der beDirect GmbH & Co. KG, die ich kurz nach der Gründung des Unternehmens als Joint Venture zwischen arvato und Creditreform im Jahr 2001 mit aufgebaut habe. Seit meinem betriebswirtschaftliches Studium entwickle ich Strategien und Kampagnen für unsere B2B-Kommunikation mit Partnern und Kunden. Dabei ist die Veränderung die größte Konstante. Neue Tools, veränderte rechtliche Rahmenbedingungen und schnelllebige Märkte machen unsere Arbeit herausfordernd und spannend.

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