Use print mailings exclusively: 5 tips for success

Is the classic printed mailing a relic of days gone by? Especially in the world of online marketing, the view prevails that digital advertising is cheaper, more efficient and can be better designed. But time has not stood still when it comes to the printing and design of print mailings. Flyers, brochures and catalogues can actually have tangible advantages over their digital equivalents. What these are and what you should pay attention to with print mailings, we reveal to you in the following!

Print mailings: old-fashioned or eye-catching?

The printing technology used today is more modern than ever and enables a variety of options for action. Whether flyers, brochures or extensive mail-order catalogues, both the design and the number of items can be completely adapted to the individual wishes of the advertiser. But of all things, it is the digital world with its countless possibilities that has given the classic print mailing an edge: It stands out.

information overload

Whether via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone - information and especially advertising reach us in large quantities every day. For good reason, this is referred to as digital "information overload". Advertising has become so ubiquitous on the Internet that it is hardly noticed anymore and is usually pushed aside or clicked away. And this is often completely independent of whether the content is interesting for the user or not. So it may come as no surprise that the good old mailbox is once again taking center stage.

Something in the form of a print mailing, and thus not carried to you from the digital sphere, appears "real", can be perceived haptically and, moreover, cannot simply be clicked away. If it is a high-quality and tastefully designed print product, it arouses curiosity in the addressee.

Print mailings and its effect on the target group

The fact that the classic print mailing does not miss its effect is shown by the current CMC Dialogpost study in cooperation with Deutsche Post. This concludes that a conversion rate of just under 5 % can be achieved with print products. In addition, customers who visit an online shop as a result of a print mailing spend an average of 8 % more money.

And while advertising e-mails are no longer noticed after 48 hours at the latest, printed products can continue to attract attention for weeks after delivery. So there are plenty of reasons to use printed advertising materials. Here are a few tips that you should keep in mind.

1. clear objectives

Any solid planning is based on as precise an objective as possible, which you should not lose sight of throughout the process. Keep in mind that a print mailing should always be part of your overall strategy. For example, do you want to attract new clientele? Or support an existing online campaign and focus on activating your existing clientele? You should always have a common thread that provides orientation and leads you to your goal.

2. integration into a cross-channel campaign

Once you have defined a concrete objective for your campaign, you can start thinking about the implementation. It is advisable to integrate your print mailing into a cross-channel campaign. While the offline channel offers many advantages, as already explained, a combination with digital marketing measures makes sense. For example, you can use a QR code or short link in the mailing to forward to a landing page. Or you can follow up the contacts you have written to using social media remarketing.

3. create a special experience

Print mailings offer you a special way of addressing your target group. If you design your print materials accordingly graphically and haptically, you create a special experience for your target group. Think not only about the mailing itself, but also about the packaging. With an appealing and unusual design, you can already generate attention here. A high-quality print mailing also awakens a feeling of exclusivity and appreciation in your target group.

4. address the right target group

A top-designed print mailing only leads to the desired success if you also address the right target group. The selection of the correct B2B addresses is therefore essential. By using selected mailing lists and premium leads, you can reduce wastage to a minimum. In doing so, a high-quality provider of fimenadresses such as support. Detailed selection criteria allow you to define your Precisely determine the target group. This ensures that your print products reach the right recipients and can unfold their full effect.

5. find the right time

Decide carefully when your customers will receive a print mailing from you. The goal is to pick up the prospect at the best possible time within the customer journey in order to maximise the success of the campaign. For example, this could be timed to coincide with a specific event or a reminder mailing after a shopping cart abandonment.

With the right strategy and appealing print mailings, you can attract attention and increase your conversion rate. It is important that you select the target group for your mailings correctly. Only then will your print campaign hit the mark!

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Author Michael Färbinger

Senior Key Account Manager

My clients optimise their Sales, dialogue and marketing campaigns with precise B2B target group selections, market and database analyses. 

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