Wash matching for B2B and B2C

Regardless of the industry - no commercially minded company with regular mailing and catalogue distribution can do without Defender.

With 180 million blocking data records, Defender contains one of the most extensive stocks of negative and blocking data in Germany. This way you only contact economically active companies and solvent customers.

 We also point out a unique selling point - both B2C and B2B addresses are matched at the same time!
The run length itself is irrelevant. Wash matching is worthwhile even with small quantities.

The Defender is available through selected neutral service providers. Is your service provider included? Do you have any questions about wash matching?
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This is what the Defender also does:

  • The wash match prevents shipments from being sent to customers who are not solvent.
  • Scatter losses and returns are avoided.
  • Every (negative) hit also saves money: high costs for production and shipping are eliminated.

Negative and blocking categories

Judicial titles

Judicial and extrajudicial reminders



Undeliverable (Nixis)/Returns

Economically inactive companies


Negatives from the advertising industry



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