Targeted customer approach with B2B leads

These individual B2B leads lead to your potentials with minimal wastage. The procedure of a standardised industry selection is supplemented by the consideration of keywords. Depending on the task, this can lead to a specialisation of the target group or an enlargement of the target group. In both cases, only differentiated B2B leads are available to you, which correspond to your target group in the best possible way. 

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Examples of B2B lead searches

Search query for B2B leads: Supplier companies for the aircraft industry

B2B leads compared to B2B addresses.

We combine keywords such as aircraft technology and cockpit systems with terms related to supplier companies. beDirect's reference database identifies the search result and sharpens the search by restricting it to metal, mechanical and vehicle engineering industries and the manufacture of data processing and electronic equipment. 

The alternative is an industry selection for "Manufacturers of electrical equipment and launching gear for aircraft, ships and other vehicles" and "Manufacture of aircraft". Supplier companies and companies specialising purely in aircraft construction cannot be explicitly selected.

Search Query for B2B Leads: Cat and dog food manufacturing

B2B leads compared to B2B addresses.

We search for companies with the keywords "dog snack", "cat snack", "pet food" and narrow the result with the branch WZ 10 "Production of food and feed".

The undifferentiated alternative selection is according to the sector "Production of feedingstuffs for other animals" (WZ 1092).

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