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Here are the most important facts about our mailing lists:

01 Companies with positive turnover development
The last two known turnover figures are used to calculate the turnover development

03 Companies with positive business development
Determined from the last two known turnover figures and/or numbers of employees

05 Technology-shy companies
Smaller companies where neither a URL nor an e-mail address is known

07 Advertising companies
Larger companies as well as companies that place advertisements and/or exhibit at trade fairs. In addition, users of Google Ads are also included

09 Companies with vehicle fleet
Trucks (approx. 146,380) and machinery vehicles (approx. 528,300), motorbikes (approx. 29,000) and passenger cars (approx. 4,301,700), buses (approx. 9,690) and other vehicles (approx. 896,400)

11 Bathroom exhibition / bathroom renovation
Keyword search via our research tool, supplemented by industries

13 Exhibitors
Manual maintenance by beDirect

15 Innovation-friendly companies
Nominees and winners of innovation awards

19 companies by customer type
Manual typing based on the economic sector

21 Rising Stars
Young companies (6 years) with positive business development

23 Master craftsmen
Businesses that identify themselves as master craftsmen on their website as well as businesses with up to 20 employees from the 41 crafts with compulsory master craftsman status

25 companies with field service
Companies that state on their website that they have an after-sales service or on-site service, commercial agents

27 Sustainable enterprises
Companies that demonstrate sustainable values in their business activities or on their website or belong to corresponding initiatives

29 Companies with pension provisions
Companies that have filled the pension provision item in their balance sheets

31 Production and supply of renewable energies
All companies from the branch "Renewable energy production and distribution" - completed by hits on this subject (wind farm, bioenergy, green electricity, etc.) in company names and websites as well as business activities.

33 companies willing to donate & socially committed
Companies that indicate on their website that they donate or are socially engaged

35 Furnishings
Companies that state in their business object or on their website that they are active in the field of object furnishing, lighting planning or furnishing of hotels, offices or similar.

02 Companies with positive personnel development
Calculated from the last two known numbers of employees of a company

04 Suppliers
Companies that present themselves as suppliers, contract manufacturers or the like on their website or in their business object.

06 Online shops
Companies that offer an online shop on their website

08 Driving schools with tractor driving licence classes
Internet research of all driving schools with classes L and T

10 office workplaces
Based on the industry and the employees of a company

12 companies with high energy consumption
Based on both sectors and statistics on energy consumption of the individual economic sectors

14 companies with import, export and foreign contacts
Own information of the companies

16 brand companies
Own research and maintenance

18 companies with short decision paths
Medium-sized and large companies with 10 or more employees without corporate affiliations or other interdependencies

20 companies with new decision-makers
Research by Creditreform

22 companies with customer service
Companies offering customer service on their website

24 family businesses
Companies that indicate on their website that they are a family business, family-run or family-owned, plus manually researched top family businesses in Germany.

26 Solar World Germany
All companies from the sectors Solar and Photovoltaics, supplemented by hits on these terms in company names and website text and business activities.

28 companies with ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 certification
Companies that are certified to ISO 9001 or ISO 14001 according to their business activities or website.

30 Independent motor vehicle dealers and workshops
Motor vehicle workshops and motor vehicle dealerships that are not brand-affiliated

32 lettershops
Companies that state in their business activities or on their website that they provide lettershop services

34 Energy consulting
Companies that use terms such as energy consulting or their synonyms in their name, business activity or on their website

36 All organic
Companies that produce or trade in organic, ecological or natural goods and companies that have an organic label on their website

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