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With Salesforce, you use the world's leading CRM software and benefit from efficient sales processes. With our Salesforce App you can also optimise your address and lead management - with just a few mouse clicks in the familiar Salesforce environment.

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More efficiency for Salesforce users

Users of the beDirect Salesforce App can create and update addresses and information automatically, integrated in their own CRM. Once integrated, the Salesforce App brings you time and cost advantages.

Easily identify new leads & accounts

Time saving through error-free creation of new addresses within seconds

Access to a correct and complete database at any time

Same quality standard for all users of the database

Valuable additional information for a target group-oriented approach

Cross-selling potentials by mapping hierarchies and interdependencies

Flexible field assignments of data objects

Intuitive use without system interruption or loss of time through training

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How the beDirect Salesforce App works

With this video we give you a short insight into how our app works:

Integration solution: the modular service modules

The beDirect Salesforce App is a 360° integration solution for your address management. With just a few clicks you get your access and can work directly with the solution: Create new leads and accounts and update data - fast, easy and efficient - your complete solution for your Salesforce CRM.

Our integration solution is modular. You decide which service modules are important for you.


  • Data audit
  • Address identification
  • Address cleansing
  • Address enrichment

New creation

System-supported new address creation incl. desired additional information


Updating of inventory addresses, either in push or pull mode


Search for new address entries and justified address changes

B2B addresses

New potentials under exclusion of duplicates and existing addresses

The beDirect Salesforce App in Practice

The exemplary case shows how workflows are optimized by the Salesforce App: 


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The commissioner:

World market leader in prepaid services for businesses

The challenges:

  • Different requirements of different user groups
  • High error potential through access by many users
  • Time and cost intensive manual updating

Solution steps

  • Initial cleanup through connection to the B2B reference database of beDirect
  • Enrichment of customer and potential addresses with additional features (industry, company size, phone number)
  • New creation of individual contacts now possible with the beServe Salesforce App
  • Enrichment with desired additional information directly in Salesforce CRM
  • Ongoing maintenance and control through individual updating when called up and regular updating of the total stock


  • time and cost saving
  • Correct and complete data at all times
  • Elimination of duplicates
  • Exclusion of false investments
  • Increase in efficiency
  • Uniform procedure for address recording
  • Quick and easy identification of new leads and accounts
  • Quick access to additional information on leads and accounts
  • Cross-selling potentials
  • Residual potential analyses for marketing and sales

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