How to: Tips for dealing with B2B data

The correct handling of your B2B data is the key to realizing the full potential of the capital you have at your disposal.
In the following slides we give you essential recommendations to ensure the quality of your B2B data.

4 Recommendations to increase your data quality

1. make data quality a top priority
» Create clear responsibilities for data topics.

» In the best case, fill the position with a responsible person authorized to give instructions.

» Necessary structures for a permanent and sustainable implementation of data quality measures have to be in the focus of the management.

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2. become a data culture promoter
» Address the needs of all groups and departments that work with data and addresses.

» Integrate all processes, departments, B2B data and technology into one holistic solution.

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3. plan comprehensively
» Create a solid basis for further processes with an initial basic cleaning of the B2b data.

» Check addresses for postal correctness, duplicates and up-to-dateness already during data entry.

» Later corrections adé. Save time and money with 'First-Time-Right'.

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4. create continuity
» One-off solutions always create only a short-term status quo.

» Relocations, name changes, changes of managing directors and insolvencies require continuous and consistent data maintenance.

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Climb data mountains, acquire new customers

Learn how:

» you identify strengths and weaknesses of your database.

» Correct wrong and incorrect addresses in your database.

» Find new customers based on your existing customers.

» to ensure your database quality.
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