Quality criteria of data

Where is your data?

In order to assess its own data quality, the ERP manufacturer ProAlpha has compiled a series of quality criteria. if a criterion is not met, data quality suffers and the reliability of data-based decisions decreases. We therefore recommend that you check your data against the following criteria:


only complete data form a reliable basis for data-driven decisions. missing information on master data prevents, for example, a targeted approach to segmenting customer data for target group-oriented marketing measures. however, with regard to personal data within the scope of the DSGVO, the principle of economy must be observed: only information that is actually required may be stored. all data that is no longer required must be deleted.


Every year in Germany alone, almost one million things change in company data alone: changes of name, duplicates, incorrect entries and outdated data can cause great economic damage. Mobile application solutions are suitable for ensuring that your field staff do not take unnecessary routes, for example. These enable mobile and fast access to all relevant information about customers, prospects and potential. This means that address management in sales and field staff can be implemented dynamically without loss of information.


Die Speicherung von Daten stellt Unternehmen Die Speicherung von Daten stellt Unternehmen vor viele Herausforderungen, insbesondere wenn es eine dezentrale Datenerfassung an mehreren Standorten gibt. Um im Sinne der Konsistenz einen einheitlichen und strukturierten Datenbestand zu erhalten, sollten neue Kundendaten bereits bei der Erfassung identifiziert und überprüft werden – gemäß dem Prinzip „First-Time-Right“.


duplicate data records creep into customer databases over time. the so-called duplicates already occur when data records differ even marginally in their spelling. this can be caused by a typing error when entering new data. even intradublets can be detected and merged with standard duplicate software. hidden duplicates are caused by name changes, changes in legal form, relocations or mergers of companies and can only be detected with the help of a reference database with historical data records.


The storage of data poses many challenges for companies, especially if there is a decentralized data collection at several locations. in order to maintain a uniform and structured data stock in terms of consistency, new customer data should be identified and checked already during the collection - according to the principle of "first-time right".


Precise information is essential for address management and should ideally already be guaranteed by a solution integrated into the system. With additional information, you can ensure the success of marketing campaigns by creating measures and offers tailored to target groups and tailored to individual customer groups.


Nowadays, a great deal of information can be collected, evaluated and exploited about each individual company. Consequently, potential customers can theoretically be found quickly. However, in this context it is important to use reliable data whose sources are comprehensible and credible.

Recommendation for action

A database that meets the above criteria is a basic requirement for successful marketing and sales activities, and only if you have access to a reliable database can you avoid risks with data-based decisions.

beDirect supports you in the optimisation of all mentioned quality criteria of your database. With our data audit we show you the need for action in a calculation-safe way. Our reference database with more than 18 million data records combined with our technical standards makes the cleansing and enrichment of your customer data a breeze. With our integrated address management you get data maintenance and system-supported address collection directly into your CRM system.

Master data management

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