Social Selling in B2B

The term social selling has become very well established in the B2B segment in recent years. Through the many social networks, which are also used professionally, new sales opportunities have arisen. In the following, we will show you the advantages of social selling and how you can use this tool effectively for sales in B2B.

Social Selling - what is it anyway?

Social selling is the term used to describe sales via social networks. In the B2B segment, this does not mean direct sales, but rather leading contacts to the point of sales maturity. In doing so, they are approached via the various social platforms. As in classic B2B sales, the core element is the focus on the customer's problems and their solutions.

The importance for B2B companies

It is important that companies position themselves there and try to get in touch with the potential clientele via target group-relevant social platforms. The current situation of the Corona pandemic is also contributing to the increasing importance of digital platforms. Social selling is a very important component in this diversification of sales channels and can help to attract and convince customers.
However, this does not mean that the successful, classic sales activities should be neglected. Because only if all measures work hand in hand and are used by the company can you as a company benefit from the synergies.

Social selling offers you an opportunity in the B2B segment to make direct contact with your target group. The great advantage is that you can quickly and easily enter into a one-to-one dialogue. This allows you to reach the users of the social networks individually. 

From social selling to social listening

Companies have to adapt to the fact that the pure sales process is changing. You can learn about the wishes of your clientele via the various networks. This active listening is called social listening. Explicit attention is paid to eliciting and questioning information about buying behaviour, challenges and product expectations.

This enables you to respond to the needs of potential customers in a more targeted way. The provision of appropriate information arouses interest. Sympathy and loyalty are established more quickly. With social selling in the B2B segment, you do not always speak directly to people from purchasing or with decision-making authority, but often also to all other levels of the company. Having advocates throughout the company helps a lot.

Be where your contacts are

Many companies still have a hard time with digitalization. So it is not surprising that they hardly use social networks, or at least not very much. However, since customers in particular are also active in these networks and search for offers and companies, the leap to more social media is worthwhile.
Conduct an analysis at the beginning to find out whether your target group is online and on which social media you can reach them. In combination with classic sales, social selling leads to long-term success.

Would you like to know what the most used social media channels are in B2B communication? Current results are provided by the B2B Social Media Study of ALTHALLER communication Gesellschaft für Marktkommunikation.

Further sales approach
Another sales opportunity opens up through the identification of visitors to your website. Read how this works in compliance with the GDPR at this point.
We also offer a webinar on this topic. Here you will receive more detailed Information on content and procedure.

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