Webinar registration: 360° address management for your CRM

Optimize your address and lead management - with just a few mouse clicks in your CRM system The 360° integration solution monitors your customer addresses at every point in the business relationship.

In the webinar we will show you how easy it is to create new individual contacts without errors and how easy it is to maintain all address data on a permanent basis. Whether via a direct connection to your CRM or an intuitive app, we will help you to permanently ensure the quality standard of your customer database.

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What to expect in a webinar

Duration: 30 min. 

Clean address and lead management

The 360° integration solution ensures correct and up-to-date B2B customer data in your CRM system - quick and easy to install!

Can be integrated into many CRM systems

Create your customer data in your CRM system without errors with just a few mouse clicks. Applicable for Salesforce, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Cursor and many more

Access to 5 million current B2B addresses

Through the connection to the German beDirect database you will always find correct and comprehensive company information

Webinar description

Only with complete, up-to-date, meaningful and high-quality B2B customer data can you secure your campaign success for sales and marketing. 

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Complete solution for your CRM address management
  • Save time by creating new addresses within seconds and without errors
  • Access a correct and complete database at any time
  • Target-group-oriented approach through valuable additional information

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Especially interesting for the following functionaries: Managing Director, CRM Administrator, CRM/Data Quality Manager, Sales Manager, Sales Director, Marketing Manager.