Climb data mountains, acquire new customers

Master data management is like climbing a mountain peak. With the right data/hiking strategy, you can reach your goal faster and overcome unexpected obstacles. The goal of the climb is a limitless, expansive view of distant customer potential. This new territory can be won with customer insights about your existing customers. 

In our free webinar, we will show you the way to clean and meaningful data of the highest quality. You will learn how to get more out of your customer data. Because more customer knowledge means more success!

Especially interesting for (m/f/d):
General managers, lead managers, sales, team, field or call center managers , sales directors, sales management.

Next date: 23.11.2021, 2 p.m.

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Babak Abdi

your benefit

Duration: 45 min.

We'll show you in the webinar how ...

  • you can identify strengths and weaknesses of your database.
  • correct referencing of your customer data leads to correct information.
  • incorrect, old and faulty addresses can be removed from your database and avoided in the future.
  • you feed correct and high quality data into your system.
  • you can obtain new potentials without overlap with your existing data.
  • you keep permanently correct and complete data by regular maintenance of your database.