Lead generation: Win new contacts with continuity and strategy!

In this webinar we would like to present our understanding of successful lead acquisition. 

The focus is on the specifics of a B2B buying decision process, the need for collaboration between sales and marketing, and the benefits of using buyer personas for targeting. You will also learn which beDirect solutions will improve your new customer acquisition.

Especially interesting for (m/f/d):

Lead managers, CRM managers, sales, team or call centre managers, marketing managers, sales directors, general managers.

Next date: 14.10.2021, 10 a.m.

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Your moderator

Babak Abdi

your benefit

Duration: 30 min.

We'll show you in the webinar: 

  • How B2B buyer behavior has changed.
  • How to find out who your customers are.
  • How you should engage your target audiences.
  • What benefits marketing automation tools offer in the context of lead generation.
  • How beDirect can help you with your lead acquisition.