Website Visitor Identification: From Website Traffic to Web Leads

Winning customers for one's own offer is the goal of a successful sales team. But the road to signing a contract is often rocky. Wouldn't it be nice to know which companies are genuinely interested in your product and are sending buying signals? This is exactly where the software from our partner WiredMinds comes in! You too can identify your website visitors. 

Based on the data from beDirect, LeadLab recognizes which companies visit your website -.
and thus transforms anonymous website traffic into promising leads and customers of tomorrow.

Your moderator

André Schmidt

In 45 minutes...

  • we show you how beDirect and WiredMinds understand customer acquisition in the digital age.
  • learn about the possibilities LeadLab and the beDirect data offer you for customer acquisition.
  • we reveal how the use of LeadLab can make your sales more successful.

WiredMinds GmbH was founded in 2002 and is based in Stuttgart. With its product LeadLab, the company specializes in lead generation in the B2B sector. With the LeadLab software developed in-house, company visitors to websites can be identified by name. 100% DSGVO compliant. In 2008, WiredMinds won the Innovation Award at CEBIT and is now the market leader with over 600 customers.
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