Marketing automation in the B2B segment: new opportunities in all industries

Significant advantages through marketing automation

The professional support of customers during the buyer journey is always associated with a considerable effort per customer. As a rule, existing and potential leads, contacts and customers have to be courted and convinced. These are often lengthy processes, as large sums have to be negotiated. This process is simplified and optimised by a software solution.

Companies become faster and more efficient in acquiring customers through the use of marketing automation and can increase the Existing customer care support. For example, existing customers can be informed about new products, innovations or special offers. Well-informed and personally addressed customers continue to remain loyal to a company, as long as the offers are in line with the market and customary. Especially since in the current corona situation personal visits are still to be seen critically. Here, the regular supply of relevant news can contribute significantly to the fact that customers feel perceived.

In addition, new and also old B2B contacts keep an eye on the company and can be convinced of its competence on the market. It is important that automation in the marketing segment runs intelligently. It reacts not only to the data of the customer, but also to their reactions. Through tracking, online movements can be traced so that the customer is always reached at the right time with the appropriate information or offers. This increases the number of sales in the B2B sector enormously. As a rule, business contacts appreciate efficiency in their work.

Data quality determines success

For marketing automation to work, companies must have good data. The success of all marketing campaigns stands and falls with the quality of the data records. Therefore, it is important to have access to high-quality and verified information for the acquisition of new business contacts. At B2B address shop of beDirect, you can find the right business contacts for your industry and enter them into your marketing automation. Through interaction, more data sets will follow over time.

Smart data is the magic word that will become increasingly important in the future. With verified and fundamental information, companies can start convincing new business contacts of their merits right away.

Personalised address: a decisive advantage in B2B business as well

Personalisation is of enormous importance and expected standard in marketing. Therefore, the trend in the business environment is towards hyper-personalisation. This means that people are not only contacted by name, but also that people receive individually tailored information. The interests, focus, areas of expertise and professional knowledge are taken into account in the context of marketing automation.

This increases the overall effort per business contact, but since many tasks are automated, the experts can concentrate on direct communication and ensure the desired business transactions. This noticeably increases the profitability of a company.

A look into the future: AI solutions will further revolutionise the market

Until now, marketing automation has mostly boiled down to a simple action and reaction scheme. But in the meantime, the development in the field of artificial intelligence is getting better and better, so that many more possibilities can be expected here in the future. Especially in the area of predictions regarding reactions and needs, marketing will again develop significantly in the next few years. This technical progress will then also affect marketing automation. Therefore, it is important to deal with the topic at an early stage and to establish marketing automation in one's own company.

Conclusion: Marketing automation is the future in the B2B segment

An automated approach to potential business contacts is the basis for future success. Not only because this enables the customer to be reached and addressed more personally, but also because of the often stronger internationalisation of one's own company. Business contacts should be optimally accompanied along the buyer journey so that they can always be provided with the most important and best information at the current time.

Customers who are addressed in this way are more open to direct contact and can be better convinced of the advantages of the offer. Since social media are also used in the B2B sector for research and establishing contact, many different channels can be served. This means that marketing automation can be used effectively and sustainably. Companies thus benefit in the long term from the new marketing methods and the resulting increase in reach in the relevant target group.

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Author Michael Färbinger

Senior Key Account Manager

My clients optimise their Sales, dialogue and marketing campaigns with precise B2B target group selections, market and database analyses. 

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