Acquiring new customers with Powerleads

B2B customer acquisition: generate new leads and convert them into long-term business relationships

Would you like to acquire new customers? A well-thought-out approach to new customer acquisition in the B2B sector ensures that you successfully generate qualified leads.


Generate more leads: A holistic view of B2B sales

Successful lead generation requires a strategic approach that encompasses the entire customer journey. It is important to understand the needs and challenges of your target customers in order to take effective lead generation measures.

By understanding your buyer personas, generating qualified leads and guiding them through the sales funnel, you lay the foundation for long-term success and sustainable growth in your company. Effective new customer acquisition is essential for the long-term success and sustainable growth of B2B companies. Through the targeted use of digital technologies and data protection-compliant methods, it is possible to generate qualified leads and guide them through the sales funnel. Precise market research and the use of buyer personas enable targeted strategies to avoid wastage. To successfully overcome these challenges, it is advisable to use specialized B2B lead generation services.

Research example: Manufacturer of cat and dog food

You are looking specifically for manufacturers of cat and dog food – not for feed manufacturers for all animal species. We deliver addresses that fit exactly.

B2B Sales: The engine of your company

B2B sales leads are the lifeblood of your sales organization. With well thought-out B2B lead generation, you can fill your sales funnel and drive new customer acquisition.
The marketing sales funnel describes the journey of a potential customer from the first contact with your company to the conclusion of a purchase. Effective lead generation and
lead nurturing
are essential in order to turn interested parties into paying customers.

Continuous lead nurturing enables companies to build and maintain relationships with potential customers by providing valuable content and personalized interactions. As digitalization progresses, web research is playing an increasingly important role in lead generation in B2B. Through the targeted use of technology, web research becomes an effective amplifier in B2B cold calling.

Research example: Suppliers for the aircraft industry

We are looking for suppliers for the aircraft industry. Because the industry code WZ 2008 does not differentiate between vehicles and aircraft, we avoid wastage by compiling your target group from the relevant manufacturers for cockpits, aircraft seats and other components from the aircraft industry.

Acquiring new customers through web research

Effective strategies for customized B2B leads.

The use of web research for marketing and lead generation offers your company a multitude of advantages and possibilities that go beyond traditional selection methods.

In addition to the WZ system, the research tool developed by us offers the possibility of checking all crawled company homepages, metatags, company names and business activities for individually selected keywords, extracting them and combining them with the classic features.

Our industry selection is expanded by taking keywords and key words into account.

Specialize and expand your target group. This allows you to generate exactly the B2B leads that best suit your company.

Research example: Producer of organic food

Not all food manufacturers are relevant for the customer, but only manufacturers of organic products. The non-organic producers would therefore be wastage.

The most important GDPR notes on lead generation in B2B

We offer up-to-date and GDPR-compliant B2B leads. You can find out more about the GDPR at
Data protection.

Yes. According to Article 6(1)(f) of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), the processing of company data and personal data of contact persons is permitted if it is “necessary for the purposes of the legitimate interests pursued by the controller or by a third party, except where such interests are overridden by the interests or fundamental rights and freedoms of the data subject which require protection of personal data …”.

In addition, recital 47 of the GDPR explicitly mentions direct marketing as such a legitimate interest.
Further data protection guidelines apply to the use of addresses for the acquisition of new customers. These include the obligation to inform data subjects about data processing.
They also have the right to object to the processing of their data for direct marketing purposes.

In order to ensure the transparency of data processing and the protection of data subjects’ rights, including the right to object, beDirect follows the guidelines of the German Dialog Marketing Association (DDV).
We recommend that advertisers include a footer text in their mailings or, in the case of telemarketing, refer to the responsible office and to the right to object and further data protection information on the beDirect website.

In B2B sales, telephone canvassing is generally permitted, but there are a few aspects to bear in mind:

Compliance with §7 UWG:
Contacting companies by telephone is permitted if a presumed interest can be assumed. This applies in particular if industry- or profession-specific services are offered.

Compliance with §7a UWG:
The consumer’s express consent must be documented. The documentation must be kept for 5 years. It must be available at all times. Consent can be given in three ways: through system records, written confirmations or digital consent.

Duty to inform and right to object:
The person called must be informed of their data protection rights – including their right to object – for example during the telephone call.

Pursuant to § 7 para. 2 sentence 1 UWG may only be made with express consent, whereby the burden of proof lies with the advertiser.
A single opt-in (mere registration of the e-mail address on the sender’s homepage) is not sufficient. In practice, the confirmation of the consenting person by means of the so-called double opt-in procedure has therefore become established. After registration, the consenting person receives a confirmation e-mail in which they confirm their consent by clicking on a link.

Please note that this information does not constitute legal advice and cannot replace the advice of a qualified lawyer.

Other address solutions for marketing and sales

Companies from Germany and Europe

Over 20 million company addresses from Germany and Europe for your successful expansion.

Direct contact with managers

Benefit from direct access to senior executives in marketing, purchasing, sales, technology, works council, security and many more

Increase your efficiency and reduce the time you spend on B2B cold calling.

Thanks to the individual search and combination options, your marketing and sales activities are aimed exclusively at individually tailored leads. Depending on the target, you can minimize the risk of wastage or increase the potential – regardless of the industry classification.
By only considering relevant contacts, you always choose the most efficient route and use your resources in a targeted manner.

Solution-oriented and experienced

Our sales team

Thomas Fedder

Key Account Manager

Adressen bereinigen und Adressen pflegen - kompetent und erfahren - Michael Färbinger
André Schmidt

Head of Direct & Partner Sales

Adressen bereinigen und Adressen
Michael Färbinger

Senior Key Account Manager

A possible customer solution

We specialize in establishing connections between people and companies. The dynamism and efficiency of our team are evident in every interaction with our sales team. We work closely together to create innovative solutions that inspire. We attach great importance to a lively exchange and open dialog.

Always up-to-date B2B addresses

Data quality and precision as the key to effective customer acquisition

Our B2B customer benefits from its own database with 100,000 data records. However, he noted that errors within this extensive inventory hinder a correct assessment of B2B addresses.

Such problems are not uncommon in day-to-day business, as companies in Germany are confronted with up to one million changes to their databases every year.

The consequences of these quality deficits are particularly noticeable in the marketing and sales funnel. In direct and telemarketing campaigns, our client is confronted with a significant number of returns, often with notes such as ‘undeliverable’, ‘unknown’ or ‘moved’, as well as inaccurate or missing telephone numbers.

In order to identify the actual optimization potential and to be able to precisely calculate the time and monetary expenditure, a comprehensive address check of the entire database was first carried out.

Checking the database quality

  • Correction of spelling mistakes in company names and designations.
  • Check B2B addresses for relocations and the current status of the company (such as insolvency or deletion).
  • Checking addresses for postal correctness.
  • Identification of duplicates and hidden duplicates.
  • Enrichment of the address data with important additional information, such as the credit reference number and key data from the Creditreform information database, in order to obtain faster and more precise information on payment behavior and creditworthiness.
  • Cleanup and enrichment of the database.

Results of the address check

Measures taken as a result of the address check:

  • Resolution of duplicates,
  • Correction of postal addresses,
  • Completion of missing telephone numbers and other relevant marketing information,
  • Integration of the Crefonummer and essential legal form information, especially for the financial sector.

Elimination of manual address entry

To ensure the quality standard of the cleansed database, our customer works with beDirect’s CRM integration solution. This integration saves time and significantly shortens workflows within the company, as new addresses are automatically created via the beDirect reference database. This enables the fast and error-free transfer of complete addresses, including all additional information, into the CRM.

Optimization of target group selection

The extended additional information enables a more precise selection of target groups. Customer service uses these specifically adapted address lists to create target group-oriented offers that demonstrably lead to shorter realization times and a tighter sales cycle. This not only improves the lead-to-opportunity ratio, but also offsets the higher costs of the addresses through an improved conversion rate, which means that fewer addresses are needed overall.

Our customer has mastered three projects to improve its data quality in just a few months. Firstly, it has updated and enriched its inventory data. The company then partially automated its address management processes, which reduced the manual workload for its employees and increased data quality at the same time. Finally, he specified and improved the address selection for customer acquisition.

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