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Automated address capture and enrichment in Salesforce offers an efficient alternative to manual data handling.
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How to manage data efficiently in your CRM software

A reliable database is the cornerstone for successful customer relationship and campaign management. Silo-like data management in manually maintained systems is time-consuming, error-prone and simply unmanageable with large amounts of data.

Customer satisfaction for more success

The magic of customer satisfaction

Satisfied customers are loyal. They come back and, if in doubt, buy again. This makes them worth their weight in gold for your company. They are willing to promote products and services.

customer centricity
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Customer Centricity: All Power Ahead

Customers are looking for companies that take individual wishes into account and use modern methods to come up with convincing ideas and solutions from the user's point of view.

social selling

Social Selling in B2B

Modern sales relies on social selling. Here is an overview of how you can use business networks as a sales channel.

Crown Salesforce CRM
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Put the crown on your Salesforce CRM!

Cross-functional teamwork is great, but our experience from customer projects with Salesforce users shows that the data quality of the address database suffers enormously from decentralized access.

B2B data audit
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Perfect route planning with the B2B data audit

Outdated data in a database prevents targeted action in marketing & sales. The B2B data audit shows the strengths and weaknesses of the database.

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