Put the crown on your Salesforce CRM!

First-class address management as standard

As the interface between customers and the company, Salesforce CRM offers you an established solution for customer relationship management. Users work with an application that enables targeted targeting of leads and accounts across all departments. Since you control your sales processes and make forecasts for future decisions on the basis of the data fed into the system, there is one essential question: How reliable is your database?

Rule of thumb: Many users = many errors

Cross-functional teamwork is great, but our experience from customer projects shows that the data quality of the address database suffers enormously due to decentralized access. If many employees from different departments such as marketing, sales, controlling, direct marketing or the call center access the data in the centrally available database at the same time, incorrect systems, duplicates and incomplete company addresses will arise over time. The higher the number of database users, the higher the error rate.

Individual requirements for the data material

Furthermore, as a leading provider of address management and data quality services in Germany, we know that various departments have very different expectations and individual requirements for your CRM database. While correct postal addresses are relevant for mailing campaigns, the call center primarily requires correct telephone numbers and decision-maker data. In Sales, the focus is on interesting potentials in the core markets and company information such as industry, number of employees and turnover in view of sales and marketing campaigns or market analyses.

Only with complete and correct data is first-class address management possible at all levels along the buyer journey. Manual updating of B2B addresses is time-consuming and cost-intensive and would be difficult or impossible to implement in the event of content errors. Rather, updates require a permanent and systematic implementation. Reason enough for us to develop an application for Salesforce CRM that meets the challenge of data quality and with which you can crown your customer relationship management! With the beDirect Salesforce App we offer you an all-round carefree package for the essential challenges in lead management: you minimise data entry errors and increase data quality.

Creating a new standard in address management

With the beDirect app, you can rely on a complete solution that can be used directly in Salesforce CRM without a system break and that always makes the correct creation of new contacts and the regular updating of your data the standard. All workflows around your lead management are optimised so that users from the various departments can act quickly, easily and efficiently in dealing with customers and leads at any point. Through the connection to the beDirect database, all users benefit from the same, correct level of knowledge, which can also be enriched with relevant additional information.

The royal road with the beDirect service modules

The Salesforce App from beDirect takes your address management straight to the top. The royal road is made up of modular service modules, so that you can decide which elements you need and want to use for first-class customer relationship management, depending on your business and your task. In the following, we would like to introduce you to the individual service modules.

As a prelude, we recommend an analysis of the nature of your customer and prospect addresses in Salesforce CRM. Knowledge of the status quo gives you an overview of the need to correct your database. With a subsequent basic cleansing, we eliminate duplicates, correct incorrect entries and update outdated addresses. If you also decide to enrich your address data, e.g. with the number of employees or telephone number, you create an ideal starting point for targeted marketing and sales activities.

Every new address is a hit! This promise is made possible by our error-tolerant address re-creation according to the first-time-right principle. Due to the direct connection to the beDirect reference database, users avoid data entry errors already during the input. The one-field search delivers a hit list from which the desired leads or accounts are selected and immediately transferred to Salesforce CRM correctly and without overlap. The immediate enrichment with desired additional information can also be linked to the creation of new data records.

We distinguish between two different methods for updating: Push & Pull. The pull method performs individual updates on a manual call. This means that you select individual inventory addresses that are updated directly in your Salesforce CRM. With this variant, you determine the time of the update and order, so to speak, customized delivery intervals that are based on your individual needs. In the push process, the entire stock is updated on a regular basis, so that your B2B addresses are subject to permanent address monitoring. With this variant, you receive a summary of all changes for the respective comparison period.

If you are unable to locate a lead or account, the beDirect Clearing Team is available to assist you. In this case, we will conduct a person-based search in order to process your request as soon as possible.

In order to make the most of your sales opportunities, you need to identify and address promising potentials. Our B2B addresses with exact target group definitions are available in the beDirect online shop. www.beaddress.de is available to you. With the help of detailed selection criteria, you can have your addresses counted immediately, excluding duplicates and existing addresses.

Convince yourself and test the beDirect Salesforce App free of charge.

With the Salesforce 'Enterprise', 'Unlimited' and 'Developer' editions, you can install our address management solution quickly and easily. You can get started straight away and create and match data records via the dashboard. In addition to the standard characteristics, you can add further characteristics to your addresses individually and thus enhance your existing address information. You can also map the hierarchies of your accounts in Salesforce and easily identify cross-selling potential. Convince yourself and test the beDirect Salesforce App free of charge and without obligation. With the trial version you have access to all functions of the full version. The subsequent transition to the full version is immediate and smooth.

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Author Thomas Fedder

key account manager

Core competencies in his projects are: 

  • Realizing solutions,
  • Services for the successful use of B2B address information in sales and marketing campaigns,
  • Project implementation for contemporary Address Management- and integration solutions in CRM/ERPSystems. 

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